"Colours pursue me like a constant worry...They even worry me in my sleep." (Claude Monet)

08 July, 2017

Afternoon Sunlight on Cameron Street


Another painting featuring our town clock and post office.  It was a more challenging composition to paint than the last with many unnecessary details to eliminate.  Love painting buildings at different angles to the light on sunny days though.  :-)

Oil on linen - 30.4 x 30.4cm (12"x12")

21 June, 2017

Camberwell Art Show - 8-16 July 2017

Happy to hear my painting, Launceston Town Clock and Post Office (from Civic Square), has been invited to be displayed at the Camberwell Art Show 2017.  This is a large exhibition of some 1,300 works of art for sale, running from 8-16 July at Swinburne University, Hawthorn, Melbourne.  If you're in the area, why not pop in and check it out?

For further details, click here.  For a quick preview, click here.

28 April, 2017

Sundown on Cameron Street

A fun little painting of a local street scene here in Launceston, Tasmania.  It's the first painting I did on my new Strada easel. :-)

Oil on linen, 25cm x 25cm (10"x10")

13 April, 2017

Autumn Clouds - March 2017

A small cloud study from a couple of weeks ago.

Oil on linen-textured paper - 21cm x 30cm

25 January, 2017

"The Old Mill Stream" (after Foster Caddell)

"The Old Mill Stream" after Foster Caddell
Oil on 9" x 11" linen-textured paper

It's been a while since I last painted and I am keen to get outside and capture the beauty of the landscape.  Feeling a bit rusty, I decided to paint a copy of Foster Caddell's painting, The Old Mill Stream, as a learning exercise.  I really love the way he painted his trees.

25 December, 2015

"The Valley Road" (after Foster Caddell)

"The Valley Road" after Foster Caddell
Oil on 8"x10" linen-textured oil paper

Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas wherever you may be.

This is a copy of Foster Caddell's painting, "The Valley Road," painted as a learning exercise not so long ago.  I've long admired this artist's work and I love this piece in particular for its beautifully painted foliage, the representation of light and colour and of course the overall design.   It was a fun exercise and I hope to apply what I've learned from it to my own work.

24 June, 2015

Flowers at Night with Window Reflection

I found this lovely blue vase at the local Sunday market a few weeks back and knew immediately I could put it to use in a still-life painting of some kind.  Tried various floral arrangements with it and finally settled on this as I liked the colour combination and shapes against the dark reflection and brightly lit windowsill.  So now for my next painting...  Maybe another vase of flowers, or will it be the beautiful cherub sculpture given to me yesterday by a very kind lady I know... :)  I do enjoy painting at night.  It's a very quiet and relaxing time to paint.

Oil on 10" x 8" linen.

22 April, 2015

Silver Teapot & Poppies

My first still-life in a while...painted with bristle and synthetic brushes.  Really enjoyed painting the poppies and studio reflection.

Oil on 10" x 10" linen panel.

22 May, 2014

At The LGH ARTrium Gallery - 14 May

This photo was taken at the opening of The LGH ARTrium Gallery exhibition on 14 May.  Some great works of art to see, all themed on art in health.  If you're in the area and would like to have a look, drop into the ARTrium Gallery, Launceston General Hospital, on Frankland Street, Launceston.  Exhibition runs from 14 May to 20 June 2014.

01 May, 2014

The LGH Art Prize 2014

Excited to announce that my painting, "Pastoral Sunset, Raglan Street", has been selected for a juried exhibition at The LGH ARTrium Gallery opening 14 May.  If you're in the area, come along and see an exhibition of work by Tasmanian artists at the ARTrium Gallery, Launceston General Hospital, Frankland Street, Launceston, from 14 May to 20 June 2014.  For more information, click here.

24 April, 2014

Pastoral Sunset, Raglan Street

A close-up of my latest painting, based on a small study of the same scene done last year.

Oil on linen - 12"x16"

07 October, 2013

Tamar Marine Boats, Launceston - Oil on 6"x8" Linen

A small study of boats on the Tamar River, Launceston, based on photographic reference and a drawing I did recently of this area.  I'm tempted to return and paint this on location.

27 August, 2013

Eight Daffodils in a Jar - Oil on 8"x6" linen

A second version of the daffodil painting I posted on 23 August.  I'm happier with this painting, so have deleted the first.

To see a larger image of this painting and purchase, click here.

18 August, 2013

Peonies - Oil on 8"x6" linen panel

A relatively quick study of peonies, which turned out better than expected.  I've been keeping a sketchbook lately, which, in addition to improving drawing skills, seems to calm the mind and sharpen my focus at the easel.  Very enjoyable.  To see my sketchbook entries, click here.

To see a larger image of this painting and purchase, click here.

07 August, 2013

Fragrant Tea - Oil on 8"x6" Linen

Another experiment with tea and flowers.  It's a similar composition to the last, but from a slightly different perspective.  I loved painting the peonies...flowers are always a special challenge.  The teacup, saucer and spoon were a 21st birthday gift many years ago...

To see a larger image of this painting and purchase, click here.

28 July, 2013

Sunshine Tea - Oil on 8"x6" Linen

A teacup and saucer from a dinner set purchased many years ago.  The sugar is from the cane fields of Bundaberg, Queensland (the Sunshine State).

To see a larger image of this painting and purchase, click here.

20 July, 2013

Balls of Colour - Oil on 8"x6" Linen

I put these flowers on a tabletop and was immediately attracted to the bright colours and dark/light contrast, so painted them just as they were.

To see a larger image of this painting and purchase, click here.